Polychromatic is a physics-based arcade shooter with a pop of color. Merging classic designs with modern aesthetics, Polychromatic is the arcade shooter fans have been waiting for.

Polychromatic is available on Xbox One, Steam, and Humble Store.

Nick GravelynDesign & Programming
Joe GravelynDesign & Programming
Dan WatersMusic & SFX
Jenny PoldenLogo & Illustrations
“Polychromatic is an incredibly polished and fantastic game. The game is easy to pick up, yet contains plenty of challenge and complexity in the variety of enemies and the way they move.”
“Everything from the gameplay to the UI to the music is on point. I haven't had this much fun with a twin-stick shooter since Geometry Wars.”
“This game is suuuuper polished looking. The UI and the menus are all cool as heck and the performance is top notch, not a hitch in sight.”
“I loved how simple and yet wonderfully executed everything about the game was. From its aesthetics to its UI to its controls, it felt very minimalist and yet amazingly fun.”
“I'm definitely going to be playing this again soon, if only to stay on top of the leaderboards. I have a few friends who are die-hard GW fanatics and you can bet I'll be recommending it to them as soon as it's available on Steam.”